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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 11-Dec-2019S&P Department second extension notice for Quotation Notice No. 04 dated 15.11.2019
2 10-Dec-2019Administration In Plant Training vide L/No. 249 dated 09.12.2019
3 10-Dec-2019Administration Regarding of vide Office Order NO.2690 dated 07.12.2019
4 10-Dec-2019Administration Regarding Of Office Order No.2648 dated 03.12.2019
5 10-Dec-2019Administration Additional Sri Rupesh Kumar ITM vide Office Order NO.2691 dated 07.12.2019
6 07-Dec-2019Administration Regarding of JACs vide Office Order NO.2679 dated 06.12.2019
7 07-Dec-2019Administration Regarding of vide O/o Resolution No.837 dated 02.12.2019
8 05-Dec-2019Administration Regarding of vide office order No.2657 dated 04.12.2019
9 05-Dec-2019Administration Posting Of Smt. Kusum Kumari Devi , Attendant vide office order No.2662 dated 5.12.2019
10 03-Dec-2019S&P Department Extension Notice of Quotation notice No.04 dated 15.11.2019 vide memo no.1095 dated 03.12.2019
11 03-Dec-2019S&P Department Sealed Quotation for manufacturing of materials for the repairing of 315 KVA DT vide Q/No. 05 dated 03.12.2019
12 02-Dec-2019Administration Regularization of Miss Priya Gupta, AEE(Maint), ESD- Kankarbagh-I,vide Notification no.1621dated 02.12.2019
13 30-Nov-2019Administration Information regarding Fake Advertisement
14 30-Nov-2019Administration Regarding of vide office order No.2635 dated 30.11.2019
15 29-Nov-2019Administration Extension of Deputation of Sri Madan Kumar, ADO till 31.03.2020 vide Notification No. 328 dated 28.11.2019
16 29-Nov-2019Administration regarding payrole management, hardware supply and handling of bills of IT personnels of Beltron working on contract at SBPDCL via Oo no. 2628 dated: 29.11.2019
17 28-Nov-2019Administration Regularization of JAC vide 0/o Office Order no.2615 dated 28.11.2019
18 27-Nov-2019Administration Regularization of JACs vide O/o Office Order No. 2597 dated 27.11.2019
19 15-Nov-2019S&P Department Sealed quotation for manufaturing of materials vide quotation notice no. 04 dated 15.11.2019
20 14-Nov-2019Administration Regarding newly appointed of JEEs vide Notofication No. 758 dated 13.11.2019