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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 21-Sep-2019Administration Regularization of Miss Pooja, AEE (Emp-E 16098 vide Notification no. 1185 dated 20.09.2019
2 21-Sep-2019Administration Regularization of Miss Payal, (Emp -E16106 AEE vide Notification no. 1187 dated 20.09.2019
3 19-Sep-2019Administration Sri Rajiv Kumar , JAC, ESSD, BiharSharif, free from cashier charge vide O/o No. 2236 dated 19.09.2019
4 18-Sep-2019Administration in plant training for BBM and BBA trade students .
5 17-Sep-2019Administration Extension Notice of Quotation Notice No. 12 dated 31.08.2019
6 12-Sep-2019Others IN plant training
7 11-Sep-2019Administration Regularization of JEE vide Notification NO.547 dated 09.09.2019
8 09-Sep-2019Administration Transfer & posting of Smt Bindu Kumari,JLM, vide Office NO.2184 dated 09.09.2019
9 07-Sep-2019Administration Regularization of Assistant vide 0/o office order NO.2182 dated 06.09.2019
10 06-Sep-2019Administration Re-Registration of Biometric for Every Employee of SBPDCL, HQ vide O/o No. 2178 dated 06.09.2019
11 06-Sep-2019Administration Punishment of Sri Suman Kumar Saurabh, AEE, MRT vide Resolution No. 530 dated 02.09.2019
12 06-Sep-2019Administration Additional charge of Sri Mohan Kumar Srivastava,US, vide Notification NO.199 dated 05.09.2019
13 05-Sep-2019Administration Regularization of JAC vide 0/o Notification NO.160 dated 04.09.2019
14 04-Sep-2019Administration Sealed Quotation for Procurement of different transformer materials for TRW, Harnaut , ESC Biharsharif vide Q/No.12/NESC/219-20 dated 31.08.2019
15 02-Sep-2019Commercial Department Amendment in Clause 4.9, 4.21 and 4.30 in the notification no. 500 dated 28.09.2018, regarding guidelines for Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive Systems Based on Net-Metering and Gross Metering.
16 27-Aug-2019Others Notice inviting quotations for supply of oil filter machine compressor
17 22-Aug-2019S&P Department Extension Notice of Quotation Notice No. 03 dated 07.08.2019
18 22-Aug-2019S&P Department Online tendar for procrement of 33 kv outdoor vide 0/o memo no.785 dated 22.08.2019
19 22-Aug-2019S&P Department Online tendar for procrement of 11 kv outdoor vide 0/o memo no.783 dated 22.08.2019
20 22-Aug-2019Administration Sealed offers are invited by the office of the ESE electrical supply circle,pesu (east) Momo no.891 dated 21.08.2019