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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 21-Mar-2018Administration The billing Software team as per tariff order to be announced for financial year 2018-2019 vide office order no. 524 dated 21.03.2018
2 17-Mar-2018Administration Punishment of Sri Shiv Kumar Prasad, JAC (Suspended), ESSD, Ramgarh, Vide Office Order No 491 dated 17.03.2018
3 17-Mar-2018Administration The Termination of Contract of DEO/Executive Assistant engaged on contract basis vide Office Order No- 17.03.2018
4 15-Mar-2018Administration Corrigendum -- The date of Joining /Appointment of ITMs 01.09.2016 in place of 20.09.2016
5 15-Mar-2018Administration Service regulariation of JEEs vide office order No. 470 dated 15.03.2018
6 13-Mar-2018Administration Regularization of Assistant IT Managers vide Office Order No. 455 dated 13.03.2018
7 13-Mar-2018Project-I Withdrawal of cancellation of vendor approval of M/s Bikaner Porcelain Pvt. Ltd., Bikner
8 12-Mar-2018Administration Resolution No. 213 dated 12.03.2018 regarding suspension vacat of Sri Dijvijay Kumar, the then JEE, Punpun
9 12-Mar-2018Administration Regarding Regular Pay of IT Managers vide Notification NO: 99 dated 12.03.2018
10 12-Mar-2018Administration Application form for Internal Exam
11 09-Mar-2018Administration Office Order 449, dated 09.03.18 for suspension vacat of Sri Chandeshwar Bhagat, Skilled Khalasi
12 09-Mar-2018Administration Office Order 450, dated 09.03.18 for suspension vacat of Md. Javed, Junior Lineman
13 08-Mar-2018Administration Reorganisation of Electric Supply Division Bhagalpur (west) vide office order no 439 dated 08.03.2018
14 07-Mar-2018Project-I Minutes of sepcial review meeting of M/s KRYFS Power Component Limited held on 08.02.18 chaired by MD, SBPDCL
15 07-Mar-2018Administration Mom of the special review meeting under chairmanship of MD , SBPDCL with representative of M/s KRYFS Power Components Ltd.
16 01-Mar-2018O&M Department Office order 407 dated01.03.2018 for Repair of C.T, P.T, Battery Charger & Relay and making new Charger
17 28-Feb-2018Administration Extension of one year service of Retired Person vide office order 403 dated 28.02.2018
18 21-Feb-2018Administration Regarding Meeting related to Disposal of Department Proceeding vide letter no: 289 dated 21.02.2018
19 20-Feb-2018Administration Contract Period of Sri K.N. Prasad, Retired Chief Engineer (Civil) is further extended for another one year vide Notification No: 89 dated 20.02.2018
20 13-Feb-2018Administration Sri Nagdeo, JEE (Civil), ESD, Banka is allowed to look after the work JEE (Civil), ESD, Bhagalpur (Urban) is addition to his own duties.