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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 17-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Chandr Mohan, the then AEE, EESD, Nabinnagar vide Resolution No.45 dated 09.01.2020
2 17-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Lal Mohammad Ansari , the then AEE, ESSD,Bhaghalpur vide Resolution No.20 dated 07.01.2020
3 17-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Ashish Kumar sinh the then AEE, ESSD, Nabinnagar vide Resolution No.41 dated 09.01.2020.
4 17-Jan-2020Administration Regularization of JACs vide Office Order No.73 dated 17.01.2020
5 16-Jan-2020Others December Month Attendance of DEO Vide gyapak No. 17 dated 15.01.2020
6 16-Jan-2020Administration Following Officers are nominated for Uploading the data of Assets vide O/o No. 61 dated 15.01.2020
7 16-Jan-2020Administration Information Regarding of M/S Emdee digitronics PVT.Ltd & M/S quess corp vide gyapank No. 37 dated 16.01.2020
8 16-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri ,Rajib Ranjan the then EEE, ESD, Bhagalpur vide Resolution No. 24 dated 07.01.2020
9 15-Jan-2020Others Notice inviting quotations for supply of Urgent Requird vide Memo No.35 dated 11.01.2020
10 15-Jan-2020Others Notice inviting quotations for supply of urgent required vide Memo No.41 dated 11.01.2020
11 14-Jan-2020Administration Regarding of Suvidha App vide Office Order No.40 Dated 10.01.2020
12 13-Jan-2020Administration RFP for NIT NO: 74/PR/SBPDCL/2019
13 13-Jan-2020Administration Technical Commercial Part for NIT NO: 74/PR/SBPDCL/2019
14 13-Jan-2020Administration Corrigendem Regarding O/o No. 47 dated 10.01.2020
15 10-Jan-2020Administration Corrigendem Regarding O/o No. 2791 dated 24.12.2019
16 10-Jan-2020Administration Regularization of AOs vide Notification No. 266 dated 27.12.2019
17 09-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri anshuman Singh, the then AEE, ESSD, Hatidah vide Resolution No. 17 dated 06.01.2020
18 09-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Kishlay Kumar, the then JEE, ESSD. Hatidah Vide Resolution No. 15 dated 06.01.2020
19 09-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Dilip Kumar Choudhary, the then EEE,TRW, BANKA vide Resolution No. 03 dated 04.01.2020
20 09-Jan-2020Administration Punishment of Sri Bipin Kumar, the then AEE, ESSD, ARWAL, vide Resolution No. 943 dated 26.12.2019