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Notice Board

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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 18-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Theft of Electricity
2 18-Jul-2019Administration Regarding Training of Newly Joined JEEs
3 16-Jul-2019Administration In plant training of students vide L/No.117 dated 16.07.2019
4 16-Jul-2019Administration Cancellation notice of nit no.34/pr/SBPDCL/2017
5 10-Jul-2019Administration It plant of training of students vide L/No.112 dated 10.07.2019
6 08-Jul-2019Human Resource Sri Nikhilesh Kumar, EEE (L/A), ESD, Jehanabad is authorised to look after the works of Project, ESD Jehanabad, in addition to his own duties.
7 06-Jul-2019Administration In plant training of students vide L /No.106 dated 05.07.2019
8 06-Jul-2019Others Inviting quotations for supply of 33 KV and 11 KV relay
9 06-Jul-2019Administration Sri Balbir Kumar Wagis the the EEE(P), Gaya Discharge from allegation vide Resolution No. 279 dated 02.07.2019
10 05-Jul-2019Administration Reularization of JEEs vide Notification No. 352 dated 05.07.2019
11 03-Jul-2019Administration Assistant personel officer Notification No.126 dated 03.07.2019
12 01-Jul-2019Project-I Quotation for PRI Card & CCTV Cameras vide Q.No. 84 dated 01.07.2019
13 01-Jul-2019Project-I Quotation for table & chair vide Q.No. 85 dated 01.07.2019
14 29-Jun-2019Administration Compensation of Victims vide Resolution No. 106 dated 15.06.2019
15 29-Jun-2019Administration In plant training of students vide L/No. 97 dated 28.06.2019
16 28-Jun-2019Administration In plant training of student vide L/N.97 dated28.06.19
17 28-Jun-2019Administration Transfer and posting of Sri Anant Kumar, ADO, ESD, Dakbanglow vide Notification No. 115, dated:- 28.06.19
18 28-Jun-2019Administration Compensation to vitim of electrical Accidents regulation vido Notification 110 dated 27.06.2019
19 27-Jun-2019Administration Creation of fuse call centre
20 27-Jun-2019Administration Transfer and posting of SBO -II vide office order no. 1680 dated 27.06.19