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List Of Noctises Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 15-Sep-2017Administration Increment of monthly renumeration of Sri Krishn Kumar Singh EEE(Contract) MRT Division Patna Vide O/o 1157 dated 15.09.2017
2 15-Sep-2017Administration A Meeting is Conveyed on 19.09.2017 at 11 AM in 4th Floor Conference Room of BSPTCL vide O/o No. 62 dated 15.09.2017
3 13-Sep-2017Administration Joining acceptance of Unskilled Worker vide O/O No. 1142 dated 13.09.2017
4 13-Sep-2017Administration Joining acceptance of Unskilled Worker vide O/O No. 1143 dated 13.09.2017
5 13-Sep-2017Administration MOM of Fornightly Review Meeting of "Mukhyamantri Vidhyut Sambandh Nishchay Yojna" under the Chairmanship of CMD BSPHCL on 05.09.2017.
6 31-Aug-2017Others Clarification on transitional issues due to GST Implementation vide Circular No.1597 dated 31.08.2017
7 25-Aug-2017Project-I MOM of weekly review meeting of SCADA/ DMS Project under R-APDRP Part-A held on 21.08.17.
8 25-Aug-2017Others Comments/ suggestions are invited from stakeholders/ consumers on the petition for procurement of 155 MW additional power from M/s GMR Kamalanga Limited.
9 22-Aug-2017Administration Debarring of M/S Maa & CO. Bhagalpur from participating in all future tenders till completion of this project from the date of issue of attached order.
10 22-Aug-2017Administration Deputation of Officers at Municipal Corporation, Patna vide Notification No. 487 dated 22/08/2017
11 16-Aug-2017Administration Suspension order of Sri Fatingan, JEE, ESS, Baunsi vide O/o No. 1026 dt: 16.08.17.
12 16-Aug-2017Administration Suspension order of Md. Javed, the then JLM, ESS, Baunsi vide O/o No. 1027 dt: 16.08.17
13 16-Aug-2017Administration Suspension order of Sri Chandeshwar Bhagat, the then SK, ESS, Baunsi vide O/o No. 1028 dt: 16.08.17.
14 10-Aug-2017Others MOM of fortnightly meeting through VC held under the Chairmanship of CMD, REC & CMD, BSPHCL on 19.07.17 at Vidyut Bhawan, Patna to review the work carried out in SBPDCL & NBPDCL under DDG Project.
15 09-Aug-2017Project-I Withdrawal of cancellation of vendor approval of M/s Schneider Electric Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., Vadodara for procurement of VCB.
16 08-Aug-2017S&P Department Cancellation of empanelment of the firm, M/s LD Transformer Pvt. Ltd., Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P. from SBPDCL for the period of three years with immediate effect.
17 29-Jul-2017Administration Extension of contract period of Executive Assistant vide O/o No. 948 dated 29.07.2017
18 29-Jul-2017Administration Extension of Contract of Sri Shiv Kumar Prasad, Head Typist, vide Office Order No. 943 dt: 29.07.17
19 24-Jul-2017Others Amendment....... Request for Quotations for Energy Bill Payment through Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) from consumer under SBPDCL & NBPDCL vide Letter No.1057 dated 24/07/2017
20 21-Jul-2017Administration Clarification Provided by REC against Technical Specification of Distribution Power Transformer/Cables, Isolaters & AB Switches for Projects of IPDS & DDUGJY.