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Transfer and Postings

List of Transfer and Posting Details
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 17-Mar-2018Administration Transfer and Posting vide Notification number 543-545 dt 17.03.2018
2 14-Mar-2018Administration The extension of deputation of officers of SBPDCL for further six month vide Notification No. 500 dated 14.03.2018
3 13-Mar-2018Administration Sri Praveen Kumar, JEE who has released from suspension is posted as JEE, ESS Chebra (Sheikhpura) vide Notification No. 220 dated 13.03.2018
4 17-Feb-2018Administration Transfer and Posting of AEEs vide Notification number 372-373 dt 17.02.2018
5 16-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of EEEs vide notification no 362 & 363 dt.16.02.2018
6 09-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of AEEs vide notification no.314-327 dt. 09/02/2018
7 09-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of AEEs vide notification no.324-327 dt. 09/02/2018
8 09-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of JEEs vide notification no.111 to 132 dt. 09/02/2018
9 07-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of JEE vide Notification no:73 dt. 07/02/2018
10 07-Feb-2018Administration Sri Shahsi Ranjan JE (Civil ) , ESD Bhagalpur (U) is transfer and posted as JE (Civil) ESC Patna vide notification no: 73 dated 07.02.2018
11 03-Feb-2018Administration Transfer and Posting of AOs and Accountant vide Notification NO: 56-64 dated 03.02.2018
12 02-Feb-2018Administration Transfer and posting of Assistant IT Managers vide notification no 52-54 dated 02.02.2018
13 01-Feb-2018Administration Transfer posting of AEE, EEE, ESE vide Notification no 212 to 235 dt. 01/02/2018
14 23-Jan-2018Administration Sri Santosh Kumar, JEE (Rev) ESSD Bikramganj is transferr ed and posted as JEE ESS Bikramganj vide Notification No; 60 vide dated 23.01.2018
15 18-Jan-2018Administration Transfer and Posting Miss Babli Kumari JEE (Revenue) ESSD, Bhagalpur to ESSD Phulwarisharif vide Notification no: 49 dated 18.01.2018
16 15-Jan-2018Administration Transfer and Posting of Head Clerk and JA vide Order no : 75 dated 15.01.2018
17 10-Jan-2018Administration Corrigendum -- The additional charge allowed to vide Notification no: 71 dated 09.01.2018 Sri Rajesh Kumar Pandey.
18 10-Jan-2018Administration Transfer & Posting of EEEs , AEEs & JEEs vide Notification No:62-73 dated 10.01.2018
19 10-Jan-2018Administration Transfer & Posting of EEEs and AEEs vide Notification No:75-78 dated 10.01.2018
20 04-Jan-2018Administration Transfer & Posting of ROs vide Notification No:03-07 dated 04.01.2018