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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 25-Nov-2021Administration Regarding administering the oath of prohibition to all the employees on the occasion of De-addiction Day on 26th November 2021
2 24-Nov-2021Administration Regarding Order Of Office Hours Related to Seventh Bihar Assembly vide Office Order No. 960 Dated 23.11.2021
3 24-Nov-2021Others In Plant Training vide O/o Memo No. 214 Dated 24.11.2021
4 19-Nov-2021Administration Regarding release from suspension, Sri Ravindra Kumar (E05690) posted as ESD, BHOJPUR(ARRAH) vide Office Order No.-940 dated-18/11/2021
5 18-Nov-2021Administration Regarding of vide Office Order NO .934 dated 17.11.2021
6 18-Nov-2021Human Resource Suspension order of Sri Manishankar Kumar (E08540), JEE (Rev.), ESSD Bikramganj vide O/o No. 941 dated:- 18.11.21
7 18-Nov-2021Administration Regarding cancellation of public holiday on 19/11/21 vide Office order no.-1053 dated-18/11/21
8 17-Nov-2021Others Regarding training related to engineering trade vide Memo no.. 206 dated-17.11.2021
9 17-Nov-2021Others Notice regarding Extension of Time line of NIT No.-23/PR/SBPDCL/2021 vide Memo No.-2665 dated-17/11/2021
10 17-Nov-2021Others Notice inviting quotation for supply of urgent required materials at TRW Barun, Aurangabad Circle vide letter no.- 1511 dated-17/11/21
11 17-Nov-2021Others Notice inviting Quotation for supply of urgent required materials for repairing of Distribution Transformer, TRW Barun, ESC Aurangabad vide Letter No.-1511/Aurangabad, dated-17.11.2021
12 16-Nov-2021Administration Regarding training related to engineering trade vide Memo no.- 203 dated-16/11/2021
13 12-Nov-2021IT Cell Sealed quotation is invited from eligible and experienced Firm/ Agency for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Computers and Peripherals installed in SBPDCL, HQ, Vidyut Bhawan vide Quotation No.- 285 dated- 12.11.2021
14 09-Nov-2021Administration Control room In-charge on the occasion of Chhath Puja vide O/o No. 926 dated 09.11.2021
15 05-Nov-2021S&P Department Online tendar for procrement of 11KV 3 Element Outdoor Type Oil Immersed Combind Metering Unit 0.5 Aaauracy Class Of Sizes For SBPDCL &NBPDCL In Two -Tier vide 0/o memo no.936 dated 01.11.2021
16 02-Nov-2021Others Notice inviting Quotation for supply of New Fire Extinguisher/Refilling of Old Fire Extinguisher, Electric Supply Circle, Gaya
17 01-Nov-2021Administration Regarding training related to Personnel Management & Industrial Relations Trade
18 01-Nov-2021Administration Notice regarding reshuffling of different Accounts Officers in company, HQ vide office order no.-904 dated-1/11/2021
19 30-Oct-2021Accounts SBPDCL FINANCIAL STATEMENT 2020-21
20 30-Oct-2021Others Notice regarding cancellation of Quotation Notice No.-01/21-22 Memo no.-1364 dated -23/10/21