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List Of Notices Issued
Sr.No.Issue DateDepartmentHeadline
1 19-Oct-2019Administration Miss sunita kumari ,(Emp-Id E16235) AEE (RAV) vide Notifacation No.1373 dated 19.10.2019
2 15-Oct-2019Administration Regularization of JLMs & SBO)-II vide office order NO.2382 dated 15.10.2019
3 14-Oct-2019Administration Cancellation of penalty of Sri Prashant Bharti, AEE, ESSD, Munger Regulution No.629 dated 04.10.2019
4 14-Oct-2019Administration Regarding of vide office order No.2375 dated 10.10.2019
5 14-Oct-2019Administration Regarding chhath puja Office order No.2368 dated 9.10.2019
6 10-Oct-2019Administration Regarding power supply during chhath puja vide office order No.2368 dated 09.10.2019
7 10-Oct-2019Administration Lettter No. 55 dated 22.06.2019
8 10-Oct-2019O&M Department Meintenance of power distribution system for uninterrupted power supply &safety precaution during Deepawali and chhath puja of year 2019 vide Memo No.1012 dated 09.10.2019
9 05-Oct-2019Administration Regarding duty in SLDC on the occasion of Durga Puja vide O/o No. 2353 dated 04.10.2019
10 05-Oct-2019Administration Sri Manoj Kumar, ESE(O&M) SLDC incharge during Durga Puja Festival vide O/o No. 2354 dated 04.10.2019
11 05-Oct-2019Administration Regarding duty in district cantrol room of Durga puja vide O/o No.1287 dated 05.10.2019
12 05-Oct-2019Administration Extension of work order No.131 dated 30.04.2018 vide 0/o 44 dated 30.05.2019
13 05-Oct-2019Administration Extension of work order No.132 dated 30.04.2018 vide 0/o 45 dated 30.05.2019
14 05-Oct-2019Administration Extension of work order No.130 dated 30.04.2018 vide 0/o 43 dated 30.05.2019
15 05-Oct-2019Administration Regarding grade pay of sbpdcl`s employee Letter NO.534 dated 05.10.2019
16 05-Oct-2019Administration Regarding grade pay of sbpdcl`s employee Letter NO.531 dated 04.10.2019
17 04-Oct-2019Administration Sri Amresh Kumar Jha , newly appointed SBO-II is posted at ESD, Bhagalpur(East) vide O/o N0. 2334 dated 03.10.2019
18 04-Oct-2019Administration Md Faiz Ahmad , newly appointed JLM is posted at ESD, Jahanbad vide O/o N0. 2335 dated 03.10.2019
19 04-Oct-2019Administration Additional Charge of Sri Indradeo Kumar, ESE, ESC, Gaya vide Notifcation no. 1258 dated 03.10.2019
20 04-Oct-2019Administration Sri naresh kumar newly appointed, Parichar is posted at GM(Hr), SBPDCL vide O/o No. 2347 deted 04.10.2019